Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm a huge fan of thrifting. It's amazing what you can find at an awesome price. Just so I can post a link to THIS, I decided to upload some of the goodies I have found at Goodwill and a couple other stores. There's so much more, but I'll save that for another day.

This awesome table is from Salvation Army ... I fell in love with it and was surprised when one day it was sitting in my apartment! The tea cups and saucers are a set of Lefton China that I found at Value World - I got 5 for less than $5. The cream and sugar set, tea pot, and serving tray all came from Goodwill! That was a very exciting day.

The next 3 pieces are from Goodwill. I've had a lot of luck finding Homer Laughlin and Noritake china at Goodwill and sometimes even for half price! This is a cute little bowl (Homer) that I used for jewelry, but now I think it needs a new purpose.

Lillies of the valley are one of my favorite flowers so I loved this plate just for that reason, but looked on the back and saw it was Homer as well! It is super elegant ... I just hope someday I can find more pieces in this pattern!

Here's a cute little tea cup that I just couldn't pass up. It didn't have a stamp on the bottom, but I liked the pattern.

I've had some good luck at thrift stores ... especially in the china department. I'm starting to expand, though. Check out the baskets I found for $1 a piece! I also bought all my supplies for my cake stands at Goodwill ... and have more that I bought this weekend, just don't have the pictures yet.

It's been fun to post about my finds. Check back soon - there are 3 (wahoo!) Goodwill's super close to my house, so there will be more!

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  1. I started thrifting with dishes too, but before long I moved on. Now I am pretty much addicted! Love your cake stand!


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