Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My historic dining room

Welcome back to Two Post Tuesday, friends!

The best part about my blog posts this week is that I'm getting some much needed redecorating done. When we officially moved in, I put things where I thought they'd look good but I've been moving a lot around this week. My dining room isn't completely finished but I'm loving the way it's looking!

I took a lot of pictures ... but the dining room is a really good place for me to display some of my favorite pieces, including my dining set that I found at Salvation Army. Its about 40 years old and is in almost perfect condition. I love the color and the print of the cushions!

Now that I think about it, everything but 3 pieces (lamp, picture frame, and flowers) were bought at thrift stores or passed down to me.

Here's a little table that's been in my family. It's another one of my favorite pieces.

That's my little cream and sugar set I found at the DAV last week. The picture in the frame? That's my grandparents on their wedding day, August 1945!

I found this little vase at Goodwill in my hometown and loved it! It goes really well with my table.

This vase was given to me by my honey for Christmas. It was his mom's and I absolutely love it. I put hydrangeas - my favorite flowers - in it!

I found the butter dish at a wonderful thrift store called Value World.

I also put my new salt and pepper shakers on the table.

This is my "service table". The actual table has also been passed down to me. The spoon was passed down, but the other 3 items are from Goodwill.

Loved this cream and sugar set.

My teapot's lid doesn't close and I still love it!

Another shot of the table. That's my Lefton china set that I found at Value World.

Now, I just have to get my shelves up to display my teacups but all in all I'm pleased with my dining room!

I don't know about you, but I fall in love with antique booths where their owner has decorated the space instead of thrown everything together haphazardly. I kinda hope that my dining room looks like one of thoes well done booths ... and to me, it does. It certainly has a good history!


  1. Love it...and love the silver items you have! Wonderful finds!!

  2. Mmm, I love all of the old silver peices & the dining room set. Oh, and I also love your new header photo. The vase & hydrangeas are perfect.
    p.s. My hubby and I have same initals too! S.T.


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