Monday, August 31, 2009

The Two S's

Spray paint and sand paper ... sometimes that's all a girl needs to get her through the day.

And projects like these.

I had this vintage jewerly box that I always loved. I had it sitting on a bookcase, just for decor. I decided to shabby chic-it and try to sell it on Etsy. It started out like this ...
And looked like this, after a couple coats of Krylon Almond.
Then I decided to sand it a little around the edges.
What do you think? I was very pleased with how it turned out.
Please visit my Etsy shop soon, if you haven't been already. I found some great items this weekend - some are already for sale! I'll also be posting about them later this week.

Hope you had a great start to your week ... see you tomorrow!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sneak Peak Sunday

Here's lookin' at you, kid ...

More to come this week.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

One word @ Etsy

As I was checking my Etsy store this morning, I got an idea that I decided to turn into a weekly post. Every Saturday, I'll feature five of my favorite things at Etsy I found by doing a one word search. Today's word? First, I used 'distressed' and only found one thing I liked so I used 'chippy' and found the other four. Hope you enjoy!

Just click on the photo to be taken to the Etsy shop!

I'm sure we could all find something to do with this piece of architectural salavage, right?

And this cart? Perfect for a funky kitchen ... I kind of drooled on my keyboard when I saw it.

Love this fruit bowl ...

And this metal hook? I'm definitely lovin' it!
I'm really glad I stumbled about this last item. Shoe stretchers ... how fun do they look in that jar?! I happen to love vintage mensware items and I'm quite smitten by these. Don't buy them, please ... I really want them!!

Hope you enjoyed my findings. I'm looking forward to more One Word Saturdays!

What's next week got in store? Well, I have 2 projects to show off ... one is finished, one will be by tomorrow and I know you'll love them both. I've got a post lined up to get your opinion on something that has been sitting in my spare room for a few months now. And hopefully I'll be doing a little thrifting this evening and I'll have goodies to show you, too!

Sure hope you enjoy your weekend! Fall is almost here!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For Sale. Almost.

It is Tuesday and I figured since I've been such a Blog Slacker, I should set the pace for the rest of my week!

Here's a preview of some of the goodies I decided I could part with. I'm in the process of listing them on my Etsy store in efforts to start and build a business (and supplement my income). If you see anything you like, please let me know and I can give you some more details. It seems like a lot of you are in the mood for a little something different, just like I have been for a few weeks now. Head over to Olive Rue ... she's considering taking a home stager class - how fun would that be?! And Centsational Girl? Well, she's gathering goodies to offer us for the upcoming Holidays' gift selections. Can't you just imagine what's in store?!

Hope you're staying creative and inspired!

I'm still here!

I've been noticeably absent from the blog world recently. I'll admit it, I am in a RUT.

I've been looking all over the place for inspiration and I've found a lot of great stuff, just nothing that's set that fire in me. How bad is that?!

My last few trips to Goodwill have been all right, but nothing has really jumped out at me. Its definitely time to venture out to other areas of my city, Indianapolis, to visit various Goodwill's, Salvation Army's and all the thrift stores along the way.

I will let you in on a little secret ... I'm trying to start my own business. As you know, I have a lot of antiques and collectibles that I've found throughout my thrift store hunts. Some, I've used in my home ... some have gone in boxes - waiting around for me to find a place for them.

Since I've started blogging, it's opened up a new world for me ... finally doing things that I enjoy! I love to create, decorate, and then tell you about it. Well, I'm trying to make that my full time job. My dream? To have my own antique and home decor shop, along with a studio so I can still spray paint the day away.

I'm currently in the process of taking photographs of my thrifty finds and listing them on Etsy. That's my start and hopefully soon, it'll be a booming business!

In the meantime, I'm going to PUSH myself to try out some new thrift stores and do my best to find some creative juice for you!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

At it again

I found a couple silver pieces last night on a Goodwill run. Here's how they looked with a little Wright's Silver Cream. You remember this stuff, right?

A cute little butter dishThis pitcher cleaned up amazingly ... I barely had to rub it.

Please pardon my few and far between posts ... I'm on a major inspirational and creative quest.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Old Mill

A while ago, I showed you pictures of 4 tea cups from Goodwill. I liked them and they were stamped 'Made in England' so eventually I knew I would figure out a little more about them. During a quick Craigslist peruse, I clicked on a listing for a full set of Johnson Brothers china. I looked - and it wasn't my pattern but it looked close enough that I knew I could go to Replacements and find it.

Behold ... the Old Mill by Johnson Brothers. Its discontinued and was made from 1952-1977.
Wish I could have found the saucers. Here's what that set would look like.
That's quite the sugar bowl, if you ask me.
Of course, smitten by the creamer ... check out that detail on the handle!

Holy soup tureen!!!

The fancy tea pot.

They had listings for 3 different size pitchers on Replacements ... how fun!

And the gravy boat.

What table could be complete without an egg cup?

Or a butter pat?!

all photos from:

Stop by my friend Kammy's blog ... looks to me like she found herself some Johnson Brothers, too!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A little birdie told me

I have a confession to make ... try not to gasp too hard.

I visited the Ballard Designs website for the first time today.

I've seen many projects by you, inspired by Ballard - and I loved all of them. I just never had the desire to visit their website. I'm weird probably, but we all have our own sources for inspiration. Feeling a little curious and bored, I decided to visit. I'm not sayin' I'm hooked, but I definitely found something that I'm inspired to recreate at a fraction of the price, of course.

I attended Gina's Feathered Friends party last week and have had birds on my mind ever since. So much so that I couldn't pass up this cute little owl at a recent Goodwill trip.

Then I see this ... really? How cute are those little birds?!

Super cute, if you ask me.

May the Goodwill fairies assist me in finding everything I need to make a Chester and Donkey worthy replica of this.

Where do you go for a little online inspiration?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

From clock to cloche

I'm participating in a couple new parties this week and I'm pretty excited about it! The first is Make Your Monday hosted by Kim at Twice Remembered. Next, MET Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch. Be sure to check out the other projects ... there's no way you'll be disappointed!

A while ago, I was lucky enough to find a cheese dome at Goodwill that I decided to use as a cloche. I've seen cloches on so many blogs, I couldn't even begin to link to them all. Everytime I see one I want my very own a little more.

Well, I took a spontaneous trip to Goodwill and found this.
And I thought, hey ... why not turn it in to this?

So, I took the clock off and ended up with a this ... ahhh, a cloche.

Yeah, there are holes in the base now but I knew they'd usually be covered.

So, I spray painted it with a new favorite ... Krylon Almond - Satin, not glossy.

Don't these colors look pretty together?

I found this owl, too so I used Krylon Bahama Sea (pictured above).

Muuuuuch better.

Between coats, I gathered a few sticks to make a nice nest for my cloche.

Doesn't he look happy?

Whoooo'd know this used to be a clock?

And there you have it ... another successful project for under $10!

Stop by Gina's place for Transformation Thursday ... that's where I'll be!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Feathered Friends

I'm linking up to the Feathered Friends party over at Gina's. While I don't have very much bird decor, I thought I better share what I've got!

This is a picture from my old apartment. I just love the way the blue glass glows under the light!

Here's where I use the bird now ... on my dresser.

I guess I like blue birds! Here's a cart right by my front door, displaying love birds I bought for about a dollar a piece at Goodwill.

I looked around last night to see if maybe there was a bird somewhere I was missing, but that's about all I have. I would LOVE to find a nice vintage birdcage like I've seen on some of the other party-goers, so be sure to visit Gina and see what everyone else has!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All the pretty things

I am quite delighted to share this post with you ... it's something I've been thinking about for a while. I was so happy with the results, I couldn't hardly wait to show you!

So what's got me so excited? This stuff ...
I have been considering polishing my silver for a while now, but couldn't decide if I should go through with it. I originally liked the tarnished, well loved look. After I saw this though, I was certain I needed to polish.

So without further adieu ... drumroll please! Behold - the Beastly Befores and the Amazing Afters!

See, I was rendered speechless! I think the pictures speak for themselves.

All the pieces were thrifted, of course. The teapot does have a story behind it that I wanted to wait to share with you. I found it at Salvation Army, behind a glass case and asked how much it was. I was told $8 ... and for Wm Rogers, I'll pay it.

When the cashier was ringing me up, she proclaimed (with a voice full of disgust and disdain) that she "would not pay $8 for that". I brushed her off, confident that it was going to be well worth it ... I had good things in store for it!

I would LOVE to take that very same teapot in to show her how beautiful and shiny it is now and say, quite bluntly ...

"Would you pay $8 for this now?"

But, I won't. I will do just what I did ... share it you with because I know you'll appreciate it!