Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A little birdie told me

I have a confession to make ... try not to gasp too hard.

I visited the Ballard Designs website for the first time today.

I've seen many projects by you, inspired by Ballard - and I loved all of them. I just never had the desire to visit their website. I'm weird probably, but we all have our own sources for inspiration. Feeling a little curious and bored, I decided to visit. I'm not sayin' I'm hooked, but I definitely found something that I'm inspired to recreate at a fraction of the price, of course.

I attended Gina's Feathered Friends party last week and have had birds on my mind ever since. So much so that I couldn't pass up this cute little owl at a recent Goodwill trip.

Then I see this ... really? How cute are those little birds?!

Super cute, if you ask me.

May the Goodwill fairies assist me in finding everything I need to make a Chester and Donkey worthy replica of this.

Where do you go for a little online inspiration?

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