Monday, August 10, 2009

Decorating with trash

And I don't mean table scraps and junk mail.

As you may remember from my recent thrifting venture, I got an awesome globe and a pretty nice fake plant. I also scored a wooden framed mirror from my neighbor's trash can. I was so excited with my finds, I had to find a place for them immediately!

Here's a picture "before". I loved the globe with the suitcases ...
And here's the after when I added my mirror and fake plant.

A close up. I decided to paint the mirror's frame Cherry Red and I thought it really made the globe pop. I also already had the candlesticks, which I thought made this vignette complete!

So, here's the trashy mirror before.

Sanded and taped off.

A couple coats of Cherry Red.
And after a little sanding, I made this trashy mirror look like a rustic beauty!
The following is a project still in the making, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak.
Look at that distressing! I can't wait until this is finished to show the wonderfulness!

Hope you like what I got done this weekend. Please be sure to come back tomorrow ... I haven't done it in a while but Two Post Tuesday is back! I've got some exciting news and a very fun project for your viewing pleasure! See you then!

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  1. I am highly impressed. I love the globe in its position also. You've done a great job. TTFN ~Marydon


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