Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The master bedroom in my house isn't so master. It's decent... and at this point, I kind of like that it's a little on the small size. I know that I won't clutter it! We recently got a new mattress and box springs (I've been sleeping like a baby!!!) and now I need a headboard and advice, ideas, etc.

I wrote about this a while ago. We made a trip to WalMart to check out each bed set and I got a big N-O to both! I guess that's what I get for asking, huh?

I'm planning to shop on Thursday for "the one" ... wish me luck. In the meantime, what has worked for you for a handmade, creative headboard? Have you seen anything good out there in blogland?

Sorry for the quality, but here are a couple of pictures of the artwork I'm using in the room. Thanks in advance for your ideas and input!!!

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