Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good Day, Better Results

Today started out as a good day ... I love it when that happens! I had a wonderful breakfast with my Aunt. It was so great to catch up with her and we talked about a lot, including this blog that I haven't shown to anyone in my family yet! I'm still a little nervous about it and feel like some of my posts have been lacking. It's a big process, as I'm sure you all know.

It's actually a good thing to talk about though, because it definitely makes me feel more confident. They say you're your own toughest critic and boy am I ever! After today's conversation, I'm feeling a lot better about it ... so much that I was super inspired to come home and do a little of this!

First of all ... this was the sky today! That alone is inspiring.
I bought some new spray paint and painted my candleholders that I showed you yesterday.

What do you think? I like them a lot, especially the blue which is also known as Krylon Bahama Sea. The pretty purple is Krylon Gum Drop and rounding out the summery goodness is Krylon Ivy Leaf.

And this is the platter ... I think I might like the way it turned out the best. It's also a sneak peak to my trashy cart (that's what we're gonna call it since I did get it out of the trash!!!!)redo!

Gotta scoot ... need to work on that trashy cart, ya'll!

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