Saturday, June 27, 2009

Needed: Opinions

I need a little bit of help. I have these great antique tins that my Mom gave me. I used to have them in my dining room at my old apartment but I thought they'd look great in the kitchen at our new house. I have a little ledge right above my sink so it's the perfect space for some extra decor!

Here's what it looks like now ... please excuse my dirty mirror! And say hello to yours truly in the dirty mirror.

I decided last night that maybe I want something new. Mainly, because it gives me an excuse to go thrifting for new stuff! So here's one option - I thought about grouping them all in one corner then finding some goodies for the other side.

A close up! Aren't they great?

Another option is to use this tea set that is currently on top of my fridge. It was my grandmother's and I love the print ... it's perfect for summer. The set is in excellent shape and I'd really like to put it where it'll be seen.

I thought I could find a basket or vase to put some (fake) plants in for either side, or maybe a couple of cute tea cups. This also might be a good time to introduce our initials into the kitchen ... a white plate with a green J or an orange C?

Love, love, love.

So whaddya think?
Should I leave the tins as they are?
Or group them off to one side and buy new goodies for the other side?
I'm loving my grandma's tea set ... should I use that?

I love to hear your ideas and see your pictures!


  1. I like the tins grouped together all on one side. Maybe you could find a cute African violet or some other small plant for the other side, you could use one of the tins as a planter too.

  2. What a neat collection of tins. I personally like them on the shelf. However, it is such a cute display area, I think anything would look great there.

  3. I think the key to being happy with decor is to have small spaces like this were you can easily switch it up. I like the tins, maybe grouped with a wooden initial or the tea set maybe with a plate that has your initial painted on it. If I had such a cute little shelf, I would be tempted to switch it up seasonally.

  4. I like change so I would opt for the tea set and white plate with, of course you know I would say this, an initial on it. Depending on the size of theplate, you could even add an african violet (loved the suggestion above and love the plants), in front of it. The tins would possibly look good where the tea set was. Love the tins!


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