Tuesday, June 30, 2009


About 4 o'clock this afternoon I realized it was Tuesday. That meant I needed to come up with another post for Two Post Tuesday! I decided that was a sign to go ahead and show you my Thrifty Treasures that I found on Saturday at Value World.

This little duck was so cute, I couldn't pass him up. I think he was less than 50 cents.

I found this cheese dome and it kind of reminded me of a cloche, although its not quite as tall. I'm sure I can still find something to put inside it!

I do not have a green thumb. At. all. I am ok with that and happen to not be ashamed to use fake flowers and plants. I found this for a couple of bucks and just need to cut down some of the flowers and I'm painting the pot.

I found these great frames. The tallest one I'm leaving as is and I might leave the other two as is, too.

A few close ups of the details of the frames. Cute!

If you checked out this post, you'll see why I picked some of the items I did. I decided to try my hand at initials. I printed this C off the computer and it needs to be cut down a little bit, but I'm hoping to find some pretty scrapbook paper to use instead.

So, this little set up will be part of my kitchen shelf decor, along with the tea set that was my grandma's! I think it's good for summer and I'm sure I'll be happy with it for at least a month.

Come back tomorrow ... I've got some pictures of my cart redo to share!


  1. I recently passed up a similar cheese plate/dome and wouldn't you know the very next day someone made an awesome little cake plate out of one. Similar to the cake stands you make they used a candle stick for the base and sprayed the wood and candle stick to match. It was so pretty to display a cupcake or two under the dome.

  2. Good finds. I use the smaller domes for cupcakes, cookies and such.

  3. Love the idea of using the cheese dome as a cloche! You can put just about anything in there. Maybe a bird's nest?

  4. So nice and so creative !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  5. Very creative finds! Thanks for joining the party.

  6. I say add a base to your cheese dome and turn it into a cloche! I like the last frame you have pictured- the one that looks chippy white.

  7. Great finds! I don't have a green thumb either so I have a lot of faux flowers too!


  8. I too kill every living plant I try to nurture. I love fake flowers and those are some pretty ones. You should take one of the flowers off and make a hair pin...I did that recently and they are SO cute. I just haven't put it on my blog yet.
    I am so going to buy the next cheese dome I find...I see them all the time.


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