Sunday, May 31, 2009

Seeing Red

I'm finding blogging to be really addicting. I tried it before and lasted a while, but I've finally gotten the hang of it. Blogging about what really and truly interests you is a lot of fun and it really makes me feel like I'm doing something everyday!

This weekend, I decided to take this ...
A couple of these ...

And later this week, we'll see what happened!

As far as my "plans" this week? I need to make my shelves for my tea cups ... finish up my $2 end table ... get my cake stands up on Etsy ... take lots of pictures ... get some rest and relaxation. With all my projects, renovations, and spending time with my family - I've been on the go for the last few weeks! I don't want to crash too hard but it certainly is nice to keep busy. And as long as I have time for some blogging, that's all that matters!

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