Monday, May 18, 2009

When reality sets in ...

Have you seen this show? My mom told me about it a couple weeks ago upon discussing how much work/time/money really goes in to renovating a house ... even just a room! I happened to catch the last 4 minutes of an episode last night and you better believe I'm going to set my DVR to record every episode!
The house we moved into was clearly in need of lots of refreshments, so luckily the landlords were up for whatever. We were discussing the renovating process last night and I told the landlord that I had no idea how much work some projects could take. I'm the type of person who has HUGE ideas, but when the work starts - I question why in the world I decided to go through with my wild fantasy. (Definitely right now, when I decided I wanted a hardwood floor in my dining room ..... ripping up the carpet exposed some nasty damage that UNfortunately requires the refinishing of said floor). However, the finished product is usually worth it - it is for me. And no matter how hard or time consuming the work was, I still want to do more! It's an addiction!

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