Monday, May 25, 2009


What a weekend! After a 4 hour drive to Owensboro, we had family fun - lots of catching up, cornhole and cookies! Now back to reality ... I have a lot to do this week! Enjoy this picture of Kentucky while I create my checklist.

  • Finish painting the bathroom
  • Organize and clean the bathroom
  • Organize and clean the spare room
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Organize and clean the living room
  • Finish painting the ceiling
  • Paint the computer desk (?)
  • Organize and clean the bedroom

There was a computer desk in the basement - a nice L shape with shelving on one side. Its tan with black legs but I think I might want to paint some part of it. I also wanted to paint the kitchen a nice light green ... but the walls were plaster and need some major work that I just don't think I can get to before the weekend.

I'll update and upload as I "check" off my finished items! Wish me luck!

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