Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Seeing Double

I'm excited to join the Multiples Party at Vintage Junky today! Please be sure to visit Michelle and the other participants ... I am 100% sure you will not be disappointed.

Jumping right in ...

I am the type of person who falls in love with something and really, really falls in love. I like what I like and if I want more than one of it, I'll buy it! Luckily, a few of my multiples are heirlooms so I haven't completely broken the bank with my fetish.

Up first, I have two heirloom suitcases that I stacked together on a table. They are the home to my collection of candlesticks.
Here's one of my tea sets I currently have on display, along with the matching tea cup multiples.
I have these two vintage bowls on display in my kitchen.
Along with 3 out of my 5 cheese graters and salt and pepper shaker.
I have a small collection of milk glass.
To wrap things up, here's a stack of thrifted books that I plan to spruce up soon!
Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to show the other partiers some love!


  1. what is it about cheese graters that are so fabulous? I am constantly looking at them, but then I always pass them up because I think that I shouldn't get into one more thing. I think it is the patina. And, everything looks better if there are several. I love your vintage luggage too. Thanks for joining in!


  2. I love your vintage luggage, & your cheese graters. Thanks for sharing your great multiples.

  3. I love the silver the cheese graters. Very neat collections. Thanks for your compliments on my blog. To answer your question, I use a Nikon D50 and love it. I had a Nikon 35mm SLR before, so I already had the lenses and accessories. I bought refurbished D50 body from Nikon when the prices were low enough.

  4. I'm totally crushing on the suitcases. I NEED some. Yours are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your multiples :o)

  5. I love your vintage collections, especially the suitcases! I think that's such a clever idea to stack them on a table like that.

  6. I love milk glass but never use it anywhere. I have no idea why. Your display is very pretty!


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