Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A journal full of letters

Welcome back ...

I'm joining the party at Vintage Junky tonight. Be sure to visit our host (loving the cloche!!!!), and all the other partiers! I think this is gonna be fun one!

I don't have many things with letters or numbers, even though I'm quite aware of the craze. I actually just passed up a vintage set of letter stamps at the antique mall I went to yesterday. I really wanted to participate in the party and I remembered the perfect thing to add ...

This is a journal full of articles, quotes, and scriptures that belonged to my Great-Grandmother, Elsie. It doesn't get much more vintage than this. I fall more in love with her handwriting every time I turn a page.How about the quote on happiness?
"Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour upon others without getting a few drops on yourself."And the quote about home ... I'm planning to make a frame with these sweet words from Longfellow.
"Stay, stay at home my heart and rest; Home keeping hearts are happiest."
And another shot for you to enjoy ...

These letters are always close to my vintage-loving heart.


  1. Oh my goodness.....what a treasure! It would be hard for me to take some pages out to frame, but I bet it will be so special.
    I would read these everyday for inspiration Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. oh, Mr. Hughes would DIE for those...he has a bit of problem with paper! The post is now up, thanks for being part of my 1st party!


  3. Oh, that Longfellow quote about home-keeping hearts makes my little home-keeping heart soar. Your great grandmother had exquisite handwriting.

  4. that journal is amazing! what a wonderful, wonderful treasure! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, too!

  5. What a sweet sweet treasure! :) I noticed that you are my newest follower...just wanted to stop by and say 'welcome'!


  6. oh, and the fan sign is actually a vintage flashcard that I found on Etsy!

  7. What a wonderful and personal post for the letters and numbers party.

  8. Thanks for sharing that beautiful journal that belonged to your great-grandmother. There are no better letters to have than those!!

  9. Oh, I think that is the most precious set of letters of all. I hope and know you will treasure that always. What a gift to have something like that to hold on to.

  10. What a beautiful treasure. Thanks so much for sharing them with all of us.


  11. What a treasure. Consider not taking pages out to frame, but rather copying. This way one day your great granddaughter will be holding the journal, reading it, feeling inspired.


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