Saturday, September 26, 2009

One Word @ Etsy 5

Happy Saturday! The clouds have finally parted in the Midwest, at least in Indiana, and the sun in shining! Can we have some better weather now, please?

My mind is spinning a little bit today. I'm mentally going through my project list and I've got a lot of stuff going on, just like all of you. One thing I've been anxious to finish is showcasing my stamp collection. I have 3 frames, each around 8x11 in size, of vintage stamps. 3 small frames on one large wall is not very eye catching. Trust me ... I look at them every day.

I've been planning to add vintage appeal and interest to the display and frame maps from around the world. Much to my surprise, Etsy has an enormous selection of vintage maps ... now I just need to make some decisions!

I'm originally from Illinois, so I particularly like this one!

I love the colors of this vintage map of the British Isles.

I like the way this New England map is cropped.

The more I look at each of these, the more projects I come up with.

Must. hit. Publish. Post. NOW!

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  1. I love old maps. I will have to check out etsy. Thanks for the tip!


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