Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Treasures, Anniversaries and Giveaways

It's Tuesday ... I know. I tried to post this morning but it just wasn't happening. So, I'll

On to subject #1. My 100th post is rapidly approaching. I know its Blogger tradition to do a giveaway for such an occasion and my personal assignment for this week is to find something extra special to offer my readers!

Now, for your assignments ... I would love for one of you, one of my 24 cherished followers, to win said giveaway but I'd also like to gain a few more friends. Be ready - when the time comes, I'll be posting pictures of the "prize" and it'll be your duty to pass along the chance to win to your friends.

As usual, the winner will have to comment and follow my blog. I know, it's such an obvious attempt to gather more friends but I love keeping up with your blogs, too! I turn to you all first when I need a blogger-pick-me-up. So, will you help me?

Now, subject #2. I had some really good luck thrifting this weekend. My "good luck" definition has changed over the past few weeks. Good luck to me now equals things I can resell on Etsy. I obviously pick things I like, so its a win-win situation for me!

I found these adorable Mikasa tea cups - along with the cream and sugar set. Don't you love orange?!

LOVED this. Its creamer-size and simply adorable. Perfect for Fall!

I'm kind of obsessed with these metal trays and luckily I've been finding them everywhere!

I also liked this vintage tea pot ... it certainly is short and stout.
This was one of my favorite finds. These eye glasses are true antiques ... they are heavy! They're prescription, complete with bifocals and the funny thing? I can see so well out of the bifocals! I thought they were too funky to pass up.

I've got more goodies to show you later on. Don't forget to be prepped and ready to help me celebrate my 100th post!


  1. Great treasures! You are sure collecting quite an assortment of china & glassware. I'm jealous, I just have one china set.

  2. Love that orange, and those glasses are pretty funky!

  3. LOVE the teacups!!! Great finds!!! I will for sure help spread the word about your blog!

  4. I love the eye glasses as your header! Funky! I'll be here for your 100th!

  5. Can't wait until your 100th! Love the cups and been meaning to comment on the glasses (love the new banner pic)...they are suburb!


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