Thursday, September 24, 2009

C-ing Red

We have a red accent wall in our bathroom. At first I was reluctant about it but it has really warmed up the room and made it interesting. I'm able to decorate with reds, creams, and browns ... perfect for Fall! I made a purchase from French Logic on Etsy and decided it would look great in the bathroom.

Check out the packaging! C!
Here it is on the storage shelf ... along with my spray painted baskets, thank you Goodwill and Krylon!You know how there are things in your home that you kind of just "deal with"? Well, this window is one of those things. It's broken, due to two curious kitties. We prop this up if we want the window "closed". I decided it'd be a good decoration and our C happens to nestle perfectly in it's corner.
Since we're talking bathrooms ... what color is yours and why? Is it huge and you needed some color? Or is it small and you wanted to add height or depth? And what's the most unexpected decor item in your bathroom? Let me know!


  1. Ohh myyy...where DO I start??!! I have 3 (almost 4, as construction is still underway) bathrooms. All of them, except the 'new' one needs redone. Seriously. Bad. Guest bath-I most like the decor as it's 'warm' but hate the wallpaper (it's first on the list after the holidays). Master bath-it's all white. As in ALL. WHITE. White wallpaper, white tile, white trim, and lovely gold shower/faucets and mirrors that have no true outlines (picture pure mirror nailed to wall. nice. not!). BUT, the Broom is huge and that is what I LOVE, plus it's got the largest fan I've ever seen....Yes, WHITE too. Upstairs bath-terrible wallpaper in khacki and off white stripes, gold faucets, off white tile and mirror like Master(will also be redone next year).
    Bathroom under construction.....Well, time will tell but we went all out in there! Subway tile in the shower, diagonal 'marble' looking tile floor, shiney silver accents, and black vanity! ahhhhhhh much better and modern.
    There you have it...not that you wanted all that! :)

  2. My powder room is green basically because I was really feeling the greens when we painted the house upon moving in. I have a couple of unexpected items. One is a vintage wire basket that holds toilet paper and hand towels. The other is vinyl wall art that reads "Wash your Hands (Mom said so)". That is so me!
    p.s. Red is my most favorite color! Love the "C".

  3. Love the "C"...I must say our master bathroom is on the list for redo's, our kiddos jack-in-jill bath looks like it is fit for toddlers, we have anther one we call the "dog bathroom" (this is where they have their baths) and the final bath downstairs. This one is a nice color brown, could use a bit of a pick-me-up, and the most unusual item is photos of my kids :). I know, kinda weird! By the way, I love red.



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