Monday, September 7, 2009


I took advantage of my free time this weekend and did a little decorating for the season.

Luckily, my table setting colors are already a bit fall-ish so the addition of oranges, greens and yellows was easy to coordinate. I added a metal pumpkin that I absolutely love to the centerpiece of my table. See why I love it so?
I found this hand beaded, sterling silver service set in my fall decor box.

Anyone want some coffee or tea?

I did a little shopping for my front porch fall extravaganza. I had my mom to help, so it was an easy task! Judging the recent blog posts I know we're all ready for fall in one way or another. Well, ladies and gentlemen ... WalMart is ready, too. Everything I got (so far) for my porch was purchased at WM!

How cute is this wreath?!
I got these mums, in adorable fall colored baskets.
My WalMart had these for $6.5 ... a good solution for those of us who don't have planters!
I went back today for a bale of hay - for $4! The pumpkins and squash are fake ... I'll wait until more pumpkins start popping out to go with the real thing.I've got a little more planned but I'm happy with my decor so far!


  1. Looks great! I don't usually get into the fall decor, but for some reason, I can't wait to put some pumpkins out and other fallish stuff!
    Sending crisp nights and crunchy leaves your way!

  2. The porch looks great. I miss fall. It's the one season we really don't have in Los Angeles. Well, I guess we have a bit of it starting in late November. But, by then everyone is getting ready for Christmas. We do have Halloween so that's something.

    I love your header. Is that where the name comes from?


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