Thursday, September 10, 2009

Taste of Vintage

I'm quite excited to participate in a new party today ... Vintage Thingies Thursday at ColoradoLady. Click on the picture button below to be wisked away to the fun!

If you're new to my blog ... welcome! If you're not, you won't be suprised at the su-weet stuff I got/couldn't pass up this weekend at GW.

Behold, Lemon Federalist.

Creamer ... you had at me "yellow".
And I know you didn't think I'd pass you up, sugar bowl.

Gravy boat, gravy boat.

These pieces, Japanese Ironstone, were manufactured in the 70's and sold at Sears. Now, I get to enjoy them ... the perfect punch of summer color before autumn really sets in!

Hope you enjoyed the bright pieces I scored this weekend. Please take some time to visit previous posts, grab my button, and become a follower. I've got a 100 post giveaway coming up very soon!


  1. you had me a yellow...funny stuff!
    love the finds!

  2. Welcome to Vintage Thingies Thursday!! We have lots of fun each week and I am happy you are joining us!!

    I love the story about your header...that is so cute and sweet. Love it!!

    Very nice finds, I love the yellow, it makes me smile. I would have brought those home with me as well!!

    Have a great VTT and a wonderful weekend.

  3. How darling. I have only seen that set in white. I love the yellow!!

  4. Your name pulled me in. Here on our Ozarks Ponderosa we have eighteen real donkeys and not one of them is named Chester.

    You found some real treasures this weekend. Enjoy that beautiful tea set and God Bless!!!

  5. Happy VTT... it's lots of fun. Come back next week too!

  6. Oh, I love that sugar bowl! I must be getting old because I have never, ever cared for the color yellow and all of a sudden, I am drawn to it. Your set is lovely!

  7. OOOh delicious, I loved how I kept scrolling down to see more yellow pieces! They are utterly wonderful in a very yellow lemony kind of way!

  8. Oh, wow, they ARE so sunshiny happy pieces! You really lucked out!


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