Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

I owe a few of you big time ... I vented/whined a couple days ago and I feel so much better after reading your comments! If you didn't see the post, please go here and read the sweet kudos and advice.

I have decided to stop letting myself get discouraged. Who cares if I got my idea from somewhere else? I'm still making it mine and I'm doing something to make my world a little more beautiful. I need to remember that I'm doing this for myself because I do so enjoy it and it makes me happy when you appreciate my hard work! I don't want to blog, assuming you will comment ... I will continue to work for them.

So, once again ... thank you for your support! I will now resume regularly scheduled posting!

In an effort to bring in a little more Fall decor, I combined a couple of ideas that I've always been fond of. My inspiration came from this and my own posting about a plate wall. This project turned in to one of those things that looked absolutely gorgeous in my mind ... but when it was finished, not so much.

I started out with these thrifted plates in various shapes and sizes.
And ended up with this. I didn't glue anything on because I needed some advice!
I spray painted each plate, then gathered some leaves, pumpkins and a gourd to beautify and fall-if-y.

I started out with these cuties.
And spray painted them ... it was a little more pleasing to my eye.
So, here's a close up of one of the plates with leaves ...
And one with a gourd.

Here comes the hard part. What do you think? Was this idea too crazy? I know the angle is a little tricky, but I hope you get the idea. As I look at this, I think I might nix the two green plates with the pumpkins and just do the red and cream.

So let me know ... did I go too far?


  1. My favorites are the ones with the white gourds. The leaves are nice, but the gourd plates stand out more and are really striking. I think I like their 3D aspect. I would go with just the red and green. Maybe display the leaves together somewhere else.

  2. Since it is fall, I would use the cream and green plates for now, and bring out the red ones as it gets closer to Christmas. Cute ideas!


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