Saturday, October 3, 2009

One Word @ Etsy 6

Someone should have told me not to go to the party ...

... cause now, I'm obsessed.

I joined in on the fun at Vintage Junky and I just can't get the idea of decorating in multiples out of my mind. Michelle, the gracious host, has displays that knocked my socks off and I can't get her images out of my head!

Her frame wall? To die for. Not to whine, but ... I want one, I want one, I want one!
Luckily, my kitchen said I can have it. I literally stumbled upon these vintage menus on Etsy. How adorable would they be framed on my kitchen wall? Maybe throw in a couple of vintage recipes and I think it's a go.
These posts are my way of "window shopping" but this is one idea I'm dying to put into action. Most of these menus are affordable and I think the entire display would be perfect for a vintage kitchen!


  1. That is incredible!! You know, our Goodwill has half off Saturdays the 1st Sat. of the month. I can sometimes find some unloved frames there and I just paint them. I love your menu idea! Have a great weekend!


  2. I am totally lovin' this idea!!
    Do it! It will be awesome!

  3. The menu idea is very fun...I hope you do it so we can see how it looks!



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