Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tell me when to stop ...

... decorating for Fall.

In my efforts to improve my kitchen decor, I realized that I'd went a little crazy with spray paint. This chalkboard, which you'll remember from this post, had a splash of purple around one border. I had some ribbon and decided to double stick tape it on to make this frame a little more seasonal.

I love the color combination of brown with blues, greens, pinks, and now oranges. I added a few leaves, as well to add just a little more color. Adding the ribbon was an easy solution because I was seriously considering repainting the whole thing! Next, I filled this jar with raffia, twigs, and leaves to make an "apothecary jar". I even had this metal finial that worked pretty well. I'm still planning on making my own, but this was an easy little project.
I decided I needed a little more wall decor in my dining room, so I added a couple of shudders. I also made a Fall arrangement in a silver pitcher and I'm really likin' it! All the leaves are different, but no two leaves turn the same way in nature.

Side note ... I just tried to hang my plates, but think I got the wrong kind of plate holders. Bummer!


  1. Looks so good. I miss fall so much! I have one tiny shelf o' autumnal decor, but something about our hot weather and green leaves takes the fun out of fall decorating and just makes it feel silly.

    BTW, your pic in the last post made me smile. And, it's been a day with too few smiles, so thanks.

  2. Love everything! And I got the package! I am going to work on a post soon that will showcase most of the item throughout my house! :)

  3. It looks great. I tend to go overboard but, I love it. Love the rafia in the jar idea.


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