Monday, July 13, 2009

The first and ... the last?

Yup, I decided to try my hand at chalkboard paint. I had a picture I bought at Goodwill that I thought I'd use, but haven't hung it yet so I decided I'd chalkboard it. It seemed like an easy enough project, right?

I started out with this ...

Gathered my supplies and taped off the canvas.

So far so good! I let the chalkboard paint dry, then taped off everything so I could paint the border purple, or Gum Drop if you ask Krylon.

Pretty good ... but I needed to paint the outside border and I decided to do white.

So, I taped everything off again and came out with this! Wahoo - a chalkboard!

Not perfect, but pretty good! Unfortunately, that black line in between the white and purple was kinda driving me nuts! And that's where mistakes were made ...

I knew I was going to put this chalkboard in my kitchen, so I thought that black border would look great painted orange. I taped everything off again (big sigh!). I was a little antsy by this step, didn't let the white paint dry all the way and ended up with this ...

Scraped off white paint and orange everywhere.

But, that didn't stop me from hanging it. I'll fix it later when I get time/patience! Although it was kind of frustrating (my fault, completely) I'm going to try it again. I am very pleased that the chalkboard actually is a chalkboard ... I had my doubts, to be honest.

I really thought about not showing this until it was perfect, but it just goes to show that you can't rush perfection. My tips for what not to do? Don't get too excited, let every layer of paint dry completely, and make sure you properly tape off everything ... and always have fun along the way.

See you tomorrow for Two Post Tuesday!


  1. I have been too antsy with a few projects myself. LOL. I love your use of color. Very fresh.

  2. Awww Jennifer! You poor thing! I've seen that movie myself a time or two! You are so right, be patient and let each step dry completely. So now, every layer gets 24 hours. You are sweet to show it. It helps to see the booboo's and share the pain!


  3. You sound like me! I like it though...nice idea!

  4. Where did you find the spray paint-like chalkboard paint? I've tried all of our local stores & can't find it!


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