Thursday, July 9, 2009

Inspiration everywhere

I'm finding myself looking for ideas and inspirations everywhere, including the places I eat. A lot of restaurants have some really cute decor! While I was home over the holiday weekend, we stopped by a bbq place for lunch and my eye was immediately drawn to this.

What a cute idea, right? They took an old door and made it into a chalkboard.

Chippy paint, chalk board, cuteness!

I think the quilt was my favorite part ... I definitely wanted to take this home with me!

Where do you get your inspiration? I think I'm going to start carrying my camera with me everywhere so in case I see something like this, I can capture it right away!

Moving along, I'm getting a LOT done around the house today. Already been grocery shopping, laundry's on the line, I'm cleaning and organizing, and I just made 3 different kinds of chicken.

Here's one ... just some regular grilled chicken, but I'm excited to eat it!!! Hope you're having a good day ... come back tomorrow - I've also got a chalk board paint project underway!

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  1. We are so alike! I took a picture of a cool window/art at a sushi restaurant when I was on vacation. BTW, I am so bummed. My paint hasn't come yet. You got yours so soon, I was sure mine would come this week. Boo hoo. I am just itching to use it!


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