Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More kitchen fun

Kitchens are my favorite spaces in homes. It really is the heart of it all, especially in my house. We enter the house into the kitchen and it's the "hallway" of our house. I've been paying special attention to it lately and have just a couple more pictures and a project to show you!

You might remember my first chalkboard project from just a few days ago. Didn't go so well, but I wanted to show everyone anyway - I like to be honest and I like to learn from my mistakes. No editing here! I decided to do another project ... this one I knew I could handle!

I took this platter I bought a while ago and hadn't done anything with.

And chalkboard-ed it. No taping, no borders ... just sprayed the whole thing.

Then I put it on my bar cart! I really like it and decided to write "welcome" on it since it's right by my door.

Here are the pictures I hung right above the cart. I love architecture so decided this would be a fun place to display it.

Love the Eiffel Tower!!! This was a print I found at Goodwill, dated 1971.

I hung my spray painted keys on my door. I saw this idea on another blog and I'm sorry, I can't remember where! If you see this post and you did - feel free to post the link on a comment!

And here's the whole set up.

Ok, I got that all out of my system ... I promise to move onto other things! I was just so happy to have a successful chalkboard project and a complete vignette!


  1. I ended up painting my plate all black too. Lots of people had suggested embellishing it with ribbon, stamps or beads, but I got a bit intimidated and went all black. I like it much better now.

  2. What a great new look to greet your guest! I like!

  3. I loveeee chalkboard paint projects! I've got them all over the house.

    I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Eiffel Tower print -- it's one of my fave things.

    Thanks for joining in with me today.


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