Monday, July 20, 2009

Even more family treasures

I went home again and scored some more family heirlooms! Various pieces of china, glass, even some more doilies ... sweet! I didn't get a chance to go thrifting last week but I feel pretty good about what I came up with yesterday. I've got more to show you tomorrow, but I think you'll enjoy today's goodies!

I posted pictures of this teapot, creamer and sugar bowl a while ago ... now I have tea cups and saucers to match. That means, my dining room table is getting a makeover and so will the shelf above my kitchen sink!

I also have some cute dessert bowls ... there were more in the box, but I just grabbed 3. Aren't they cute?

A butter dish, and a couple more sugar bowls ... very pretty.

And these cool "shot" glasses. Has anyone ever seen anything like these before?

They have a weather vane, Native American, and an arrow design ... I have no clue where to even begin the research on this!

Hope you like, I sure do! Come by tomorrow for Two Post Tuesday. I have some more pictures for you and some info on one of my Goodwill finds! I'm the Queen of Research this week!!!

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