Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wish List Party!

I couldn't let this party go by ... I started my post last night but didn't like it, so I decided to sleep on it. I'm kinda glad I did. I checked out Michelle's Wish List and (no surprise here) we had a lot of the same wishes! I didn't want to copy, so I decided to use to truly use this post on me! I have this 'thing' ... a trait/flaw. I'll see something I want to try, read through the tutorial then back out because its got too many steps. If I do go ahead with it, I normally end up completely flustered. I know practice makes perfect and if I started out positive, I think my results would be better. So, my wish is to be a little more open minded ... or maybe adventurous ... not afraid to try new things. Whatever you would call it!

Why is this important to me? Because I love this. Organic, homemade soap. Seriously ... I can't stop looking at the stuff! I've never really used any of it before, but my goodness it looks like it would be fun to make! So why haven't I? Too many steps. How cute is this?!
Not sure what I would do with all this soap ... use it, sell it, give it as gifts?

Be still my heart ... I love this crumbly goodness.
I wonder what it takes to just do this? I'd definitely need time, patience and the "I'm doing this because I want to" mindset.

Be sure to visit the other particpants (by clicking on the party button) and let me know ... have you ever made soap? And even better, what's that thing you want to do that scares the you-know-what out of you?


  1. Oh I love your spin on this... sometimes I get so frustrated at my projects when they don't look as what I pictured them as... plus I live with an amazingly creative man that sometimes makes me look and feel pathetic in the "crafty" dept. I take it as a compliment that we have similar tastes! Thanks so much for joining in!
    ps you have one of my favorite names for a blog...especially the story behind it!!

  2. I have a million projects that I want to attempt yet, I never seem to get around to them. I usually buy the necessary supplies and then put off attempting them. Hope you find the courage to attempt the soap project. I do so much better when someone shows me something. Not much for written instruction! Take Care!!!

  3. I'm back from vacation and you're tagged in my most recent blog post. Enjoy!

  4. I make handmade was something I'd always used, and always wanted to make. I finally kicked myself into learning the craft when my mama got breast cancer and needed organic toiletry products. I did it for her. It has a life of its own now, and while I love the craft, I adore the art of it.
    Something I'd love to learn to do now is woodworking...but I don't have the space. Maybe someday!
    Just found your blog from Embellished Bayou and will be following along...
    peace to you. can see my soapies here: I'll be doing another giveaway this month :o)


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