Monday, October 19, 2009

Dream job?

I saw the previews for a program on the Sundance Channel and I'll tell you, I'm in love. Man Shops Globe is probably a good answer to the question 'what's your dream job?' Keith Johnson is the Buyer at Large for Anthropologie. He scours the world for pieces to be sold in stores and that they can use for merchandising purposes.

He goes to flea markets, thrift stores - just like we do! He finds one of a kind pieces, some that need to be refinished - just like we do! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? I'm sure it's stressful, hard work at times but to me ... it sounds like a dream come true!

Be sure to check out the Sundance channel and the website for a little more info. For now ... enjoy a few pictures of some of Mr. Johnson's finds.

This bed is something he found on the road in Paris. Get a closer look at Anthropologie.


  1. uh yeah! My dream job too along with paint color namer and boutique owner (oh and dolphin trainer!


  2. I want that job. Now!

    (actually, I'd take almost any job right now...this market is tough! A degree and 10+ years of experience don't seem to matter anymore. I digress...) :b

  3. Jennifer,
    I love this show! I was actually planning on doing a blog post on this later this week, but you've covered it all, so I might not.
    Wouldn't that just be the best job ever? Shopping & traveling in one! Love it!


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