Sunday, October 11, 2009

One Word @ Etsy 7

Yesterday was my 25th birthday. I like to celebrate my birthday in a big way ... I usually have at least 2 birthday dinners, lunches, cakes - you get the picture. This year was no exception! I had an awesome dinner at Fogo de Chao with Mr. C+D, dinner and antiquing with my best friend, and dinner and ice cream with my parents. Lovely!

So, to wrap up a great birthday weekend, here is my (belated) One Word @ Etsy post!

I really love vintage greeting cards. The graphics and fonts are so cute!
Since I'm on a vintage photo kick, I thought this was adorable - a little birthday boy!
A little charm, 25 for my number of years and grey hair ... times about 100. :)Aww ... a birthday puppy!

The birthday girl makes her own cake ...

So ... when is your birthday and how do you celebrate?


  1. Oh happy birthday! I wish I was turning 25... yikes I am going to be 31 in December, but shhhh... I stopped counting at 29. Sounds like your birthday was pretty special... good for you!


  2. Happy Birthday! I too love vintage cards and have had quite a bit of luck thrifting them lately. Well, the vintage of some is 1980's. Actually greeting cards are something I love to buy thrifted because the savings is so great.

    I never really celebrate the same way twice. But my father's family has this tradition of not speaking from your first bite of cake till your last and I do try to do that. Supposed to make your wish come true.

    Here's wishing that all your birthday wishes come true!

  3. Just wanted to pop over and say "Happy Birthday", hope it was a great one!


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