Monday, February 8, 2010

I can't get enough ...

... of art deco. I guess it's the "architect" in me.

I have a big thing for the colors - I always think of turquoise, red, gold, and black specifically. I am enamored with the clean but ornate lines and designs.

My eye is drawn to just about everything that matches my idea of art deco. You might notice while browsing through Chester and Donkey that I have a few items tagged art deco. I decided that it was also worthy of an Etsy search and I was not disappointed!

Like this frame? I'm really thinking about buying it. I wouldn't even put pictures in it, would you? And this stapler? My desk needs this ... I don't even care if it works!
I think McCoy really embodies art deco. See what I mean about clean lines? They are so simple, but they make such an impact.

I couldn't resist the chance to show off this beauty.
What's your favorite architectural style?


  1. I also love art deco. I love art neauveau (spelling?) too. And then pretty much anything from the 1940's I'm good with. I love Victorian buttons and linens.

  2. To die for VASE!! That is gorgeous!

    Happy Valentine's
    Have a beautiful week.

  3. I love your little stapler. I posted about one I found that was red and I didn't care if it worked either. I just loved it!


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