Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I daydream more than any adult probably should, but usually they are fairly creative and useful dreams. Today, while watching the snow fall in the Midwest, I played around with my new photos on Photobucket. I'm a big fan of Photobucket if you didn't know by now ... it makes me feel a little bit like a "real" photographer.

I was thinking about Chester and Donkey becoming its very own store, maybe on a Main Street in Somewhere, USA. I decided that I'd need a slogan ... a catch phrase, maybe. So I came up with this!

Though I've never been, I kind of have a thing for the "Virginia is for lovers" slogan. Maybe because Virginia is my grandma's name or maybe because I'm a helpless romantic at heart ... umm, where was I? Oh yeah ... Vintage is for lovers, according to Chester and Donkey.I love my little swans ... I think they're pretty. This one is kind of a play on words, because I think it's funny how we say things like "that was pretty difficult". Pretty = very, I guess, so its pretty vintage and (very) pretty vintage.

I definitely wanted to use these cute little salt and pepper shakers. After much (too much, actually!) thought I decided to tie in the number of pieces with Chester AND Donkey ... two heads are better than one!
Though I won't be adopting a catch phrase any time soon, I do enjoy editing my photos ... and trying to be witty!

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