Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Its about TIME!

Can you believe I haven't blogged since last year?! Ok, since the beginning of December ... but it does feel like 365 days ago since my last post.

I did not do as many Christmas projects and decorating as I anticipated. I slowly started to realize I needed more prep time. A handmade Christmas can't happen over night. And with that, I'll quickly turn this into a Resolution post!

I've realized that I have a lot to work on in 2010 to truly make it "my" year. I have lots of goals ... big ones, small ones, some that will take a day, some might take the entire year to accomplish. I've got my work cut out for me but I'm attempting to not get ahead of myself.

One of my focuses is my Etsy shop, Chester and Donkey. The entire month of December, I did a lot of window shopping on Etsy to see what's out there. I got lots of ideas, lots of info, and created many an obsession for myself.

I'm experimenting with taking better photos. By now, I think we all know that lots of natural light = lots of good pictures. To get creative juices flowing, I've also been taking photos with props so you can get ideas on how to display my lovely items in your own home. Here are a few of my favorites, which all have the same little tarnished silver creamer (not for sale - sorry, I like it too much!!!).
For the rest of January, I'll post more snippets like this with my resolutions. Hope you're having a good start to your New Year!


  1. Just recently I was wondering where you were. I clicked over to your blog and saw you hadn't posted since early December - you had me worried. But now here you are! Hope your holidays were wonderful. So, wanted to let you know that A Fine House is now BonaFide. (I merged my 2 blogs into one). So come check it out.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Your photos look great! I took some the other day that must come down... tooo dark and I must have been drunk when I cropped. I really like your vignettes, too. Glad you are back!


  3. Great vignettes! Your photos are looking pretty darn good too!!!

  4. Welcome back! I took a little blogging break around the holidays, too, and I must say it was nice!


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