Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I decided that my favorite ...

... color is orange ...

... for the time being.

I change obsessions like I change clothes. Being on Etsy 22/24 hours (ok, not really) a day doesn't help either! I always find something that I get hooked on ... be it decor, kitchen stuff, the way someone takes pictures, whatever.

I scored an awesome set of Butterfly Pyrex casserole dishes at Goodwill that I just love, Love, LOVE. It's sparked a craze of sorts and now I just want to decorate my kitchen in orange. I realized last night that that'll be easy ... I already have a lot of orange stuff!

I'll post pictures later this week when my decorating is finished, but for now - enjoy this picture (and check out the shop) of the mixing bowls I want so badly to add to my collection!
See you later this week for the Kitchen Reveal!


  1. I really am into orange right now as well. For years I thought I hated the color. Where did I get that idea. For the past year I find myself drawn to orange, who knew it could be the right amount of pop with any color pallet?

    Loving those bowls.

  2. Oh I like orange... especially for my little guy. Orange and light blue are accents in his room. Love your bowls!


  3. I love vintage Pyrex. I collect it, but don't have any one pattern that I like...I like them all! ha!

  4. Cute - and great score !


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