Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dream House

While catching up on blogs, I made sure to stop by Vintage Junky first and see what Michelle had been up to. She's been on a house hunt, which led me to post about a house I recently drooled over.

I am a wishful thinker ... when I found this on Realtor, my mind immediately went to work. This was going to be THE HOUSE. The house that all my blood, sweat and tears went into. The house that 20, 30, 40 years from now would hold Thanksgiving and Christmas for my kids and grandkids ... yes ... my mind travelled that far into the future.

With a house like this, to me, it was hard not to. It was build in 1870. It has 2 fireplaces, 2 sets of stairs ... character that you just don't find in new homes. But, sadly it won't be mine anytime soon. With the (un)helpfulness of an agent, I found out it went to auction. Excuse the quality of the photos ... I grabbed them off of the listing.

Dreamy hardwood, plantation shudders, brick .... ahhhhhhh, this truly is my dream home.


  1. Oh it is so funny that I just logged into blogger and saw your post 1st... found a new swoony one. Seriously, I have been plotting all morning to sell our home, make an offer on the new one and move by April when the mentioned "English Garden" comes into bloom. The Mr. is not being supportive though.
    take a look... already looked into the town too..

    make sure you go and look at the other photos that they linked to.

    Your dream home is swoony too. What are those? 12 foot ceilings? has to be. The Mr. found a new website to find old homes:

  2. Lovely dream! You know they say you have to "name it to claim it" so maybe your already on your way!


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